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  • Live!

    Fully interactive and simulates the excitement as tension of a live national bee.

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    To play you'll need a BigIQkids account. Creating an account is free, quick and easy.

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    After each competition, contestants will be ranked with their world position

  • Play against the world

    Each contestant will be scored and given a ranking number on how well they did. You will be competing again contestants from AROUND THE WORLD!

  • Visual Results

    Results are not only given via a rank number but contestants can visually see how they're doing by the age of their spelling bee pet.

  • The BigIQkids Online Spelling Bee Game is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

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"Good and poor spellers are welcomed to have fun and see how they rank with contestants from around the world"

Debra Marcionette, BigIQkids Founder

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Can a spelling bee be effective online?

I've only participated in a spelling bees in my K-6 classrooms.

BigIQkids takes competitive spelling to the next level
Attention teachers and parents, finally, a free on-line resource that’s not only educational, but is certain to spark the competitive spirit in your kids as they strive for success and a high ranking in the world’s first web based spelling bee. Yes, not only can you participate online, you can actually go beyond your classroom and compete against contestants from around the world!

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A message from the creator.

Build it and they shall come!

Simulating the pressure-paced atmosphere of a live competition, BigIQkids is an excellent educational resource for kids and the classroom. “Parents and teachers love this site as an engaging and educational alternative to children surfing the web and playing video games. Kids love the interactive nature of the program along with the competitive environment that allows them to see how their spelling skills stack up against other students from around the world,” says Debra Marcionette, Founder and CEO of BigIQKids.

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Does it simulate a live bee?

Designed for students 1st grade to adult, BigIQkids contestants find themselves backstage at a bee where they receive final instructions before heading out to the lectern. Under the bright lights and gaze of a supportive audience, contestants are presented with grade appropriate spelling words by Jake - the avatar moderator. Each word is given alone and then used in a sentence. The contestants have 90 seconds to type in their answer. Misspelled words mean elimination while correct answers are rewarded with advancement and the opportunity of increasing their ranking and a chance to earn a spot as a Top 25 World Class Speller.

Contestant Information, How to Play, and Rules
    • * Anyone age 6-99 years old is invited to be a contestant
    •     Note: Need a parent, guardian or teacher's email address to register.
    • * This is all online available 24/7 via an Internet access.
    • * Register - it's FREE!
    • * Register - it's FREE!
    • * Contest is given by Grade Levels: 1st-8th Grades & Adult
    • * Simulates pressure-packed "live" bee
    • * 90 seconds given to spell each word
    • * Contestants are eliminated by the first incorrect word
    • * Instant results & rankings
    • * Excellent learning resource
    • 1. Need a parent, guardian or teacher's email address to register.
    • 2. Honor system participation. No outside assistance.
    • 3. BigIQkids moderator presents each word and then uses that word in a sentence.
    • 4. Contestants are given 90 seconds to type in the correct spelling.
    • 5. Spell the word correctly and advance. Spell the word incorrectly and the contestant is eliminated.
    • 7. Students compete by grade level.
    • * Register - it's FREE!

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