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Editor's Choice Award
January 2007 issue of Children's Technology Review Magazine

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spelling homeworkMy 4th and 5th grade students love working on It goes at their own pace and they can track their progress. I would recommend this program to any teacher. Their customer service way exceded my expectations of an online program. I am so happy with my new premium subscription of Bigiqkids."

Mrs. Underwood

spelling homework"Thank you for the Bundle promotion! With four kids, I can't imagine a school year without"

Tony - Father

spelling homework "Without equal. Best integration of technology and learning I've found. My son finally mastered his multiplication tables and my daughter is a States wiz. Very, very impressed."

TechMom Barb - Blogger
spelling homework " SpellingTime has really made a difference with our students.  One little guy who had been getting 70’s got his first 100% last Friday.  What a thrill for him."
Dorothy - Teacher 1st Grade
spelling homework "Awesome! No more tutoring center. Thanks for saving me considerable time and money."
Lisa - Mom
spelling homework "It's a multisensory approach to learning core elementary subject matter combined with interactive fun. My class loves it!"
Leah Wallace - Teacher 4th Grade
New York
spelling homework " I would like to thank you for this excellent site! My son had problems all year! Now, he loves learning. I will pass this on to all the parents I know! Now, a very Happy Mother!"
Rebecca - Mom
spelling homework"My classroom uses SpellingTime and BigStatesTime for our lessons every day! I connect from my laptop to the overhead and voila!! Now we can compete with TV, Playstation, and surfing the net."
Carrie - Teacher 3rd Grade
spelling homework " I wanted to let you know how wonderful your programs are. I have a son who struggles with math. Numerous programs didn't work for him. BigMathTime does. Frustration gone."
Bianca - Mom
Rhode Island
spelling homework " We love this program! Ever since we started using this website, my daughter has aced every spelling and math test and she is now excited about school. Thank you.”
Jeani – Mom
spelling homework " Terrific site! is the solution to my family's spelling and math woes!!"
Hollee – Mom
spelling homework " As a father I can honestly say my son loves these programs. At school today, he got to do the word search lesson on the smart board. When he got home, he logged on and did it again just for fun."
Leroy - Father
South Carolina
spelling homework " My daughter is in fifth grade and was a terrible speller. Now, she loves your programs and I don't have to beg and plead to get her to do her lessons. Wow!”
Valerie - Mom

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