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So Far So Good!

With a week down, the kids are moving wonderfully through our summer academics.  This year, I put their schedule in a flip spiral notepad and they check when completed.  So far, they’re moving along through their “to do” lists independently and with out any complaints.  Last night’s comment on their schedule was, “This is EASY!”

Here’s an example on their daily summer schedule:

  1. Spanish lesson (about 1/2 hour) … I do this with one on them it’s all AUDIO!
  2. Khan Video lesson (7-11 minutes)
  3. BigIQkids Spelling Contest (10 minutes)
  4. BigIQkids Vocabulary Contest (10 minutes)…they they to beat each other
  5. 10 SAT prep flash cards
  6. Read 60 pages (about 1 hr.)
  7. 2 logic puzzles (here they earn tokens for the their motivational box)
Solution of a kuromasu logic puzzle.

The nice thing is they know exactly what to do and when their finished they show me their checked sheet.  This system has made this year very easy on ME!  Also, most of their items on their list are fun activities in a game setting so they don’t feel like their working.  Lastly, there’s PLENTY of downtime for then to enjoy their summer yet continue to feel good about being productive.  This year, I didn’t put times on their schedules and this seems to be working better for them then previous years. Overall, so far so good!  I’ll write up about our Spanish program in a couple of weeks.  It’s not too late to start getting your kids on a summer schedule!  ;0


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