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Kidzmet.com provides a service that is long overdue for today’s busy parents!

This post brought to you by Kidzmet. All opinions are 100% mine.

In a nutshell, Kidzmet’s objective is to best understand your child’s personality type, innate strengths and talents, and predominant learning style with the goal of matching those characteristics with the best possible teacher/instructor of any given extra curricular activity.

Your child wants to take piano lessons but is slightly introverted and shy, Kidzmet can find the right teacher who is nurturing and encouraging – as opposed to the stereotypical taskmaster who could do more harm than good.

Kidzmet Review

The best part of Kidzmet is that each teacher/instructor that signs up with the site agrees to provide free trial visits in order for the student and parent to first meet and assess their teaching/instructional style and methods. For me, this is invaluable and certainly would have come in handy three years ago when my son begged me to sign him up for karate classed. Of course I did, only to find an instructor who spent half the time screaming at the children to pay attention and to stop playing with their belts. Keeping in mind it was a class of seven year olds, obviously this instructor had little experience with kids. It soon became readily apparent that my minimum 12 lesson upfront payment was a colossal waste and Kidzmet could have saved us time, money and a lot of frustration.

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