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Kids Learn With Online US States Game

Kids Learn With Online US States Game

Learning the United States locations, abbreviations and their capitals is something children must master in most schools across the USA. There many sources to help them learn them, however, few make it as fun as BigIQkids!  The BigIQkids US states game is a great starting point for getting children on the right track, using a fun interactive game format to get students excited about learning the US states’ locations, abbreviations, capitals, and spellings to mastery.

US States Game

The BigIQkids US states game allows students to learn their states in a three step method. Students are first shown the information in teaching mode which shows them the answer.  Students are then given a chance to test their knowledge of the states with the option of a help button for those states that have them stuck. On the last step, the program tests their knowledge without any assistance. They must show mastery in each given step before they can move on to the next one. The program will automatically advance student when mastery is displayed.  Mastery is attained individually around each student’ proficiency.

There are benefits for the parents and teachers as well when it comes to understanding what their pupil has learned. The results of the process are emailed to the instructor, and once your child has mastered the information in front of them the program unlocks a multi-player game that reviews the US states facts. This allows the instructor to see what they have learned for themselves. With only ten minutes a day, your student can be mastering the US states locations, abbreviations, and capitals, for assured success in school.

With the BigIQkids online US states game, the information is broken down into sections. This allows students to focus on one area of the state at a time, whether it is where they are located, their capitals, or even their abbreviations. Children take their time learning so that they do not feel overwhelmed by all of the information at once. With an online avatar to guide the student, he/she are sure to have all of the states mastered in no time at all. From Washington to Florida, they will be pointing them out on the map, without the assistance.

There are many benefits to using a fun online game to teacher children. Demo the BigIQkids US states program and check out for yourself how to help your child master the US states today!

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