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Back To School … Time to Get Organized!

I have two weeks to whip my whole family (including myself) into shape before school starts. Having the whole house organized helps the kids succeed at school. Before running out and getting back to school clothes, I have the kids go through their clothes and create a charity pile of what they’ve out-grown or don’t want. I have them go through every drawer, corner and closet. By the end of the weekend it was so nice to have their rooms and mine organized! We never got to their workstations so we’ll attack that next weekend. Starting the school year off with the kids having a place for everything and everything in their place helps them to be organized. Organization is a part of academic success.

Organization at home teaches kids how to be organized at school.  School can have some anxious moments of lost homework, a disheveled backpack and unknown test dates. Whether it’s keeping track of homework or remembering to bring home a backpack, students need to be organized to succeed in school. For many students academic challenges are often due to disorganization rather than intelligence. Organizing for academic success is a learned skill and with the right tools and routines can make a difference for any student.

The new school year is a great time to start new habits.  Before school starts, help your child to organize their room and workstation. You may need to buy some organizers along the way, a worthwhile investment!  Rule of thumb, that everything has a place. For example, if you don’t have a place for stickers buy a box and call it the sticker box.  It’s so much easier for kids (and adults) to stay organized if you have a spot for everything. One thing that I found this year if the Staples desk organizer that was created on “The Apprentice”.

It’s a bit big, but my kids are so excited about it and it really gave them a lot of options to store miscellaneous stuff plus their important papers.  I’ll take a picture of it next weekend after their workstations are organized.  I also take this time to do the same for me.  If only I too were going back to school too … lucky kids!

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