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Get Ahead of the 4th Quarter Blues!

Good Grades Report Card TrickMy kids are looking at a BIG brown amazon box in the middle of our living room with “Good Grades!” written all over it.  In the 4th quarter everyone gets a little lazy and sick of the daily grind.  I’ve been doing this for a couple of years because simply, with my kids, IT WORKS!  Daily they’re reminded to do their best.  I have two surprises in the box for each of them BUT they only get it if they get good grades (this is based on what is reasonable for each individual child) on their 4th quarter report card.  I know not all of you will agree with this tactic BUT, when you find what motivates your kids then all bets off.  I can sit back and enjoy my tea and let AMAZON be the nagging factor in my house.  Paying for grades you ask? ABSOLUTELY!  If a big brown box sitting in the middle of my living room reminds and motivates my kids to end the year strong which out me lecturing, it’s all good!  Try it!




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