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10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #5

10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #5

Drawing upon our professional and personal experiences and thousands of interviews with students, parents and educators, we’ve consolidated our best practices into a 10 Steps to Better Grades: #5. Diet and Exercise

#5. Diet and Exercise Your child’s dietary requirements are vastly different from yours. Unlike adults, kids need fat in their diets to facilitate proper growth and development. Unless recommended by a child’s physician or a registered dietitian, children should not eat a strict low fat diet. It is prudent to limit their intake of artery-clogging saturated fats and to avoid heart-harming trans fats, but following the low fat diet of an adult will lead to nutritional deficiencies. Children need whole milk, meat, dairy, and oily fish: the types of food that traumatizes most soccer moms and middle aged dads. Be mindful of their needs.

Equally as important is exercise. Kids who are active will have stronger muscles and bones, be less likely to become overweight, have a better outlook on life and will sleep easier and longer. See below the importance of sleep and learning.

math factsParent ?: Does your child exercise daily? What about on a rainy/snowy day??

BigIQkids.com Tip: Don’t simply say “go outside and play”. You need to make sure your child is actually being active and not just sitting in the sand box. This is a great opportunity for you to get outside and spend some time with your child and exercise together. Ride bikes, play catch, walk, kick a soccer ball: get out there and connect with your kid.

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