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10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #4

 10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #4

Drawing upon our professional and personal experiences and thousands of interviews with students, parents and educators, we’ve consolidated our best practices into a 10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #4 – Daily Engagement.

4. Daily Engagement

Not a day should go by without some kind of academic stimulation. Especially over the summer break. “Learning” must be a part of a child’s daily life. Just like rolling out of bed, breakfast, and the Disney channel. Based upon the idea that “a little bit everyday does a long way” BigIQkids.com provides daily, grade appropriate lessons in spelling, math, vocabulary and U.S. geography. These lessons take approximately 10 minutes each to complete and revolve around your child’s proficiency with the goal of attaining true mastery of the subject matter. As parents, it’s our job to monitor and make sure daily academic stimulation becomes part of the schedule.
math factsParent ?: Are weekends, vacations and summer break time for your kids to unplug from school and relax, watch TV and have fun? If so, you need to re-prioritize academic into your young learner’s 365 day schedule.
BigIQkids.com Tip: Fact – kids have a lot of down time. Fact – school is becoming more competitive, even elementary school. Instilling an element of learning every day will give your child an academic edge and establish wonderful study habits that last a life time. BigIQkids.com makes this easy for parents by providing daily preset, grade appropriate lessons ready to challenge your child in spelling, vocabulary, math and U.S. geography.


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