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Get Ahead of the 4th Quarter Blues!

Good Grades Report Card TrickMy kids are looking at a BIG brown amazon box in the middle of our living room with “Good Grades!” written all over it.  In the 4th quarter everyone gets a little lazy and sick of the daily grind.  I’ve been doing this for a couple of years because simply, with my kids, IT WORKS!  Daily they’re reminded to do their best.  I have two surprises in the box for each of them BUT they only get it if they get good grades (this is based on what is reasonable for each individual child) on their 4th quarter report card.  I know not all of you will agree with this tactic BUT, when you find what motivates your kids then all bets off.  I can sit back and enjoy my tea and let AMAZON be the nagging factor in my house.  Paying for grades you ask? ABSOLUTELY!  If a big brown box sitting in the middle of my living room reminds and motivates my kids to end the year strong which out me lecturing, it’s all good!  Try it!





Happy New Year!

2015 is an exciting time for BigIQkids!  We’re updating our site and will start rolling out our NEW Spelling+Vocabulary program in February.  So stay tuned …

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Happy New Year!




A Humorous Take on the Weekly News

The Desk Report

– Weekly News Update from a Kid’s Viewpoint

Only intended to make you laugh. A family YouTube show for Middle Grade+ Age Humor


How to Get a 5th Grader Excited About Reading

How to Get a 5th Grader Excited About Reading

Older children oftentimes find excitement in video games, movies, shows, and other similar activities. They are moving away from reading, and most of them find it boring or are not excited about the idea of picking up a book. In order to change things, you need to get them interested in what books have to offer. This means finding books that are not only at their reading level, but also fun. These books have to get them thinking and falling in love with the characters, the setting, and the story. With a great 5th grade book list, this is possible. You can start to see your 5th graders picking up books and wanting to read more often than ever before.

The issue for a lot of kids is interest and excitement. When they think of books, they normally think of them as boring because, in general, that is what they have read. Changing this idea requires new books. You want to start introducing these students to books that are not only fun to read, but that also challenge them and are appropriate for their grade level. You want to appeal to each child in a way that gets them excited to read the next book in a series, or that makes them want to go find more books that are out there.

This requires a full and reliable list of books that are for 5th grade age children, that are entertaining, and that create that spark, that desire to read again and again. Using a reliable list, you can give kids access to all of the books that they could want. As their reading improves and as they move through the list, you can start to see a difference. They will show their new love of reading more often and they will want to pick up a book, and all without force or negativity. It is amazing what a good list of appropriate, fun books can do.

Whether you are a teacher or parent, you are going to want to make use of a 5th grade book list immediately. Your student or child can benefit greatly from having a list of appropriate and enjoyable books that successfully challenge them without becoming boring or exhausting. Having a good list will cover a lot of the interests and needs of most children that are at a 5th grade reading level and cannot find a book that captures their attention fully.


10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #5

10 Steps to Better Grades: Step #5

Drawing upon our professional and personal experiences and thousands of interviews with students, parents and educators, we’ve consolidated our best practices into a 10 Steps to Better Grades: #5. Diet and Exercise

#5. Diet and Exercise Your child’s dietary requirements are vastly different from yours. Unlike adults, kids need fat in their diets to facilitate proper growth and development. Unless recommended by a child’s physician or a registered dietitian, children should not eat a strict low fat diet. It is prudent to limit their intake of artery-clogging saturated fats and to avoid heart-harming trans fats, but following the low fat diet of an adult will lead to nutritional deficiencies. Children need whole milk, meat, dairy, and oily fish: the types of food that traumatizes most soccer moms and middle aged dads. Be mindful of their needs.

Equally as important is exercise. Kids who are active will have stronger muscles and bones, be less likely to become overweight, have a better outlook on life and will sleep easier and longer. See below the importance of sleep and learning.

math factsParent ?: Does your child exercise daily? What about on a rainy/snowy day??

BigIQkids.com Tip: Don’t simply say “go outside and play”. You need to make sure your child is actually being active and not just sitting in the sand box. This is a great opportunity for you to get outside and spend some time with your child and exercise together. Ride bikes, play catch, walk, kick a soccer ball: get out there and connect with your kid.

Click For the full BigIQKids 10 Steps to Better Grades Guide.